Professional &  Discreet Wig Services

Whatever the reason for it, needing to wear a wig can be very stressful and the prospect of having to discuss your predicament with a stranger can result in anxiety and embarrassment.


At Vogue we have years of experience in dealing with clients who find themselves in this situation and we pride ourselves on being able to put people at their ease, offer expert advice on all aspects of wigs and deliver the right solution for the individual. It goes without saying that we will address any concerns that you have and conduct all meetings sympathetically and with the utmost privacy and discretion.


We also offer EyePower semi-permanent eyebrow powder which is perfect for chemotherapy patients who have lost their hair and also people with Alopecia who would love to have eyebrows but are unsure about semi-permanent tattoing. EyePower, which lasts for up to 24 hours, is the perfect go-between.

Service Details

             >   Free initial consultation

             >   Completely private, personal service

             >   All cutting & styling included

             >   Prices to suit all budgets

             >   VAT exemption available in some cases (please ask)




            >   Amore Simply Beautiful

               ◊  Quality fibre

                  ◊  Mono filament cap top

                  ◊  Several cap sizes

           >   Gem wigs and hairpieces

               ◊  Human hair

                  ◊  4 cap sizes

           >   Sentoo

               ◊  Top quality fibre

                  ◊  Light as a feather

                  ◊  Small fit

                  ◊  Suitable for sensitive scalps

           >   Supplex

               ◊  For somplete hair loss

                  ◊  2 caps sizes

               ◊  Ready to wear

                  ◊  Base clings to head for snug fit




            >   After care products

            >   Headwear

            >   Turbans

            >   Fashionable hairpieces for all occasions

         >   EyePower semi-permanent eyebrow powder


Top Sellers

            >   Trendco

            >   Codi

            >   Connie

            >   Dixie (for the more mature)

            >   Revlon Amity

            >   Nice Touch

Copyright © 2013-2019 Vogue Hair & Wigs.  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2013-2019 Vogue Hair & Wigs.  All Rights Reserved.

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